Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year Resolutions 2014

I don't know about you, but I think New Year Resolutions are fun!

While it's true that every day is a fresh start, and a chance to make new goals for yourself; it feels good for me to know that on January 1st, I am waking up to an entirely new year. A new year of endless possibilities. The new year is refreshing to me.

I am going to hold on to that pinch of motivation that comes with a new year, and take full advantage of the boost it gives me. That includes making a couple resolutions to carry with me for the new year.

 New Year Resolutions 2014

1. Create and Participate in Monthly Challenges
2. Reach "Onderland" (under 200 lbs.)

I am very excited for what this year will bring. My husband and I are both in agreement that we are going to slow down, and enjoy this year as much as possible. This is our year. We are going to have fun with it!

As for my monthly challenge for January, I have four goals in mind:

Monthly Challenge for January

  1. Take vitamins daily
  2. Log into Healthy Habits e-course daily (
  3. Make meal and exercise plans weekly
  4. Weigh-in weekly with photos for accountability

The first weigh-in for January, 2014 is below:

Higher than I wanted it to be, but lower than I was this time last year! Yeah!

New Year Resolutions: what are yours?
Not a fan of "resolutions"? Then what are your goals?

Happy New Year, readers! Wishing you the best of 2014.

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