Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Soup Warms the Soul

I am convinced. Grilled cheese and tomato soup warms the soul.

Day number two of sticking with my meal plan. Alright!

Serious question: Do you dunk your grilled cheese in tomato soup or eat it separate? My answer is obvious.

I managed to fit in my strength training as scheduled last night, but skipped my 30 minutes of cardio on Monday. This was kind of okay in my mind, because I knew that I could make up for missing those 30 minutes tonight. Now that I'm thinking about it, I wish I would have done my 30 minutes on Monday. An hour of cardio doesn't sound fun right now, but I will make it fun, regardless!

I'm thinking of doing some yoga and zumba. Right after this grilled cheese and tomato soup gets digested, of course.

What was for dinner tonight?
Favorite kind of soup?
Are you a tomato soup dunker?


  1. I am not a soup dunker, nor do I like tomato soup (gasp!), except when it's an ingredient in something. I love me a grilled cheese though!!! :)

  2. gotta dunk :p