Friday, January 10, 2014

The Beginning of Strength Training

As you may know, I've recently started incorporating strength training into my workout routine.

I've lost about 40 pounds in the course of 3 years and I did that by tracking my nutrition, running, and generally living a healthier life (drinking water, getting enough sleep, etc.) I didn't make any changes that I wasn't okay with sticking to forever. The weight is coming off slowly, but it's coming off and staying off. That makes me a happy girl!

I didn't begin strength training until the first of this year. Right now, this is my routine:

Lateral Raises: 5 lb. weight 2 sets of 12
Alternating Front Lateral Raises: 5 lb. weigh 2 sets of 12
Standing Bicep Curls: 5 lb. weight 3 sets of 12
Tricep Kickbacks: 5 lb. weight 2 sets of 12 (these are killer!)

I've incorporated a few other moves, but I'm not quite sure what to call them. The extra moves focus on my shoulders, arms and chest. I'll try to give you a video demonstration, soon. Maybe you could help identify the proper names for what I'm doing. Right now, my husband and I are just kind of making them up as we go.

After 3 rounds of strength training this week, I decided to take a couple pictures of my arms. I'll use these pictures as my "before" shots.

I hope to see some improvement in a few months!

Do you strength train? How long did it take you to see improvements?

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  1. My hubby has always enjoyed weight lifting, so we have a nice set up in our home gym. I generally stick with dumbbells though. When I first started (almost 8 years ago) I lost weight and really did see the strength training pay off pretty quick. Over the years, I'd put back on 50 pounds ... I did continue to workout (both cardio and weights) so I still felt more fit, even though I was almost back to my original weight. I could still feel the muscles there ... just hiding under a layer of donuts.

    I've been trying to shake things up - so I've been doing some of Jillian's workouts (30DS and Ripped) which uses the smaller weights. She'll always have you work your legs (lunges, squats) at the same time you are doing those types of arm exercises. But I still do MY weight workout once a week. It's a full body workout with heavier weights. I really like doing it, it just makes me feel strong ... and often sore the next day!