Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Root Canal

I'm not a happy girl, today. It's official. I need a root canal.

I am scheduled for March 20th. I had a cavity filled a year ago, and it never stopped being sensitive to hot or cold since. I learned to chew on the other side of my mouth, so it didn't both me as much. However, lately it hurts even when I'm not eating. I went to the dentist a few times in the past few months and it's time for a root canal. These past few days have been especially rough.

I didn't make the final decision on the root canal until yesterday. I had gotten a cavity filled on the other side of my mouth on Monday (I guess I need to lighten up on the sweets) and so I have been forced to eat on the side of my mouth that I have been avoiding for a year. This is causing a lot of pain, and sadness. I am mostly sad because eating (the thing I love to do most) is causing me pain.

I think I'll just dream about being back in paradise. Hard to believe I was here just one week ago!

Ever had a root canal? Any advice for me?


  1. Root canals are nowhere NEAR as bad as you think it's going to be. I genetically have bad teeth, ah the joys of genetics, so I've had maybe four or five? If you're super nervous ask for the gas, it'll help. The actually procedure isn't that bad, I promise. Not much scarier than getting a cavity filled! The good news is once the root is gone, voila, no more pain!

  2. I agree with Running Meg. I have had a few root canals and none ever caused me any more discomfort than a filling, and so nice after with your pain gone!! Just go in relaxed and it will be over before you know it :)