Saturday, March 8, 2014

Accountability is a Huge Motivator

Happy Saturday, readers!

I weighed myself today, and I am two pounds down from last weekend (237 to 235); even after having a cupcake for breakfast and chinese take-out for lunch, yesterday. I had been relatively "on-track" with my exercise plans and nutrition ranges for the better part of the week. This is just proof that one slip up, or a couple slip ups, is never a reason to give up or give in.

Today is going to be a great day! My husband and I are going out to dinner and then we are going to see The Great Gatsby at the Erie Playhouse. It has been a while since we have had a date night, "just the two of us". We are both looking forward to a nice, fun and exciting night!

We started the day off right with a homemade breakfast burrito. Must husband loves to make breakfast on Saturday mornings. He makes eggs like nobody else. They are fluffy and cheesy; oh-so-good! This morning's breakfast burrito consisted of eggs, bacon, cheese and hot sauce!

I have decided that since today is Saturday, I should do something different. I am going to take pictures of everything I eat today. I'll post the pictures tomorrow! This will help me stay on track today, especially when eating out for dinner tonight. Accountability is a huge motivator!

What motivates you?

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  1. Yes! Nice weight loss!
    And yep, we all have slip ups but manage to lose weight. Good attitude not letting the slip up become a landslide!