Saturday, March 29, 2014

Addicted to Achilles Running Shop

Okay, I know we still have two days left in March, but I am ready for a recap.

March Challenge:

Lose 10 lbs. from 237 to 227:
I didn't quite meet this goal, but I made it half way there! Today I weighed in at 232 lbs. 5 pounds down in the month of March! Woo hoo!
Post weekly exercise and meal plans:
Done, done, done and done. I think it's officially become a habit for me!

I am anxiously awaiting April. Could you tell by my premature March recap? It  might have something to do with the fact that I believe it will magically become sunny and 60 degrees all day, every day. That would be my ideal April. I hope I'm not setting myself up for disappointment. Wink wink.

It's a dreary morning here in Erie, Pennsylvania. No sun, just grey. Just a bummer day so far. Don't worry though, that's about to change. My friend and I have spa pedicures scheduled for 1:30 p.m. That's bound to brighten up my day! Just thinking about it makes me smile.

Something else that makes me smile, are my new running shoes.

It's been 5 days since my podiatrist appointment where he gave me the bad news of my first running injury. Plantar Fasciitis. He told me not to run for two weeks. This was hard for me to swallow. All I wanted to do after hearing the doctors orders, was run. Tell me I'm not allowed to do something, especially running, and all of a sudden it's all I want to do. Anyways, I thought my need for running was bad these past few days, but it was nothing compared to the need I feel now that I bought my new running shoes!

My podiatrist recommended that I get fitted for running shoes. I followed the doctors orders and went to three different running stores in the area. Meeker Marshall, Walk Rite and Achilles Running Shop. For Erie area readers, I'll give you a little scoop on these stores:

Meeker Marshall:
If you're looking for running shoes, don't expect a big selection. They are married to New Balance and they only had two different styles of new balance to show me for my specific needs for Plantar Fasciitis. I really liked the salesman, but the shoes weren't for me. I wanted to try on more than one brand of running shoe.

Walk Rite:
Don't go there thinking you can just walk right in and ask to be fitted. The store is small, and mostly carries orthopedic shoes. They had one running shoe on their wall that I could see, and told me I'd need an appointment to get fitted (even though there were no other customers there at the time). I wasn't impressed and moved on quickly.

Achilles Running Shop:
This was the last place we stopped; because after stepping foot in the store, I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else. As soon as we walked in the door, I felt like I was in the right place.


Achilles Running Shop took time with me. The salesperson, Aaron Rowe, was very knowledgeable and took my needs seriously. He analyzed my shoe size, how I stood, squatted and jogged. He pulled a pair of shoes for me to start with, which actually ended up being the shoes that I left with. He was right on target with all the shoes he pulled for me. It was so hard to choose!

Once he found that the initial pair of shoes that were a good fit, size and otherwise; he pulled two other choices from two different brands. He let me take my time with the shoes. I would walk around in one pair for a little while, and then with one type of shoe on one foot and another type on the other. He helped me narrow it down to two choices, and of course to my final choice. He wasn't pushy; he was genuine. He was nice and helpful.

I am so happy with my purchase, and my experience, that I will be bringing my husband and friends back to this store for their running shoes! I am already dreaming of my next pair of running shoes. I am officially addicted to Achilles Running Shop!

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