Thursday, March 13, 2014

Held Hostage by Work

Yesterday was something else. I was held hostage by work and was a slave to the vending machine.

For those of you who don't already know, I work as a Paralegal for a Child Welfare Agency. I go to Court a few times a month. Yesterday, was a long day in Court. I arrived at the Courthouse around 9 a.m. and didn't leave until about 4 p.m. I had one break to go to the bathroom, and around 2:00 had a 30 minute break for lunch. I didn't anticipate this happening. I had nothing with me except for my notes, a pen and my cell phone. No money, no lunch, nothing else. Typically, 30 minutes would be enough time for me to run back to the office, but it also happened to be a blizzard outside. No exaggeration. I was stuck.

My co-worker ended up lending me a couple dollars, for what I'm going to go out on a limb and say will be my most unhealthy lunch all week; a bag of chips and half of a twix peanut butter bar. (Note to self: twix peanut butter bars are not very good. Definitely stick with the original twix. The other half of the bar went to my co-worker.)

Needless to say, I left work late due to Court running over, and returned home extra late because of the blizzard. I prayed my way home last night; the weather, visibility and road conditions were horrible. Since I was "severely" dehydrated from drinking no water today and on the verge of "starving", I immediately went to the fridge when I got home. I had reheated leftover pork tenderloin and had a great big glass of water. Neither food nor drink has ever been more appreciated by myself.

I have received a referral to a podiatrist and their next available appointment is Tuesday, March 25th. Two more weeks until I get an answer about my plantar fasciitis. I am a little bummed, but have been doing stretches routinely, in hope that I'm helping my foot heal.

I received an email yesterday from the inventor of a product called the Oh Ball. Has anyone ever tried this product for treating plantar fasciitis? What are your thoughts? I checked out the website, and I am interested in giving it a try!


Here's what the website outlines as benefits for the Oh Ball:

  • Multi-position handles allow you to have pinpoint control over your therapy. Get a handle on your foot pain today.
  • This product is made in the USA, by a veteran-owned family business, providing jobs in our community.
  • This product is remarkably portable! It will fit unnoticed in a purse or backpack, and can be used in a waiting room, on an airplane, on a boat or with a goat.
  • In the event of a zombie apocalypse or other such notable event, this device is multi-purpose and doubles (or triples) as a survival implement and a medieval weapon*
  • The single most effective device for relieving pain in the arch and heel, due to such ailments as Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Spurs, and various others
*This was the icing on the cake for me.

If you've used the Oh Ball, let me know what you think about the product. Right about now, I'm willing to try anything to help heal my foot and get me back to running again!

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