Sunday, March 2, 2014

March 2014 Goals

As part of my new years resolution for 2014, I resolved to holding myself accountable to a monthly challenge. It's a new month, and I'm ready for a couple of new goals!

March Challenge

Lose 10 pounds (237 to 227)
- This may seem like an aggressive goal, but call me crazy... I still believe in myself.
Post weekly meal and exercise plans
- This goal always helps me to stay on track

With only two goals for the month, I am trying out the method of "less is more".

On the first day of March (aka yesterday) my husband and I did some "spring cleaning" in our basement. We filled 6 garbage bags full of things we were willing to part with. It is crazy to think of how much stuff we have accumulated in 26 years. I dropped a large glass candle on my foot, and now it's swollen. Other than that, I am really glad with the progress we've made in the basement. Looking forward to when we will have the time to continue sorting and organizing.

After our "spring cleaning" my husband and I went out to the lake. We try to go to Lake Erie at least once in the winter. It's beautiful when the lake freezes over. I am always nervous to walk on it (especially when you hear and see the ice cracking) but we weren't the only ones venturing out yesterday.

There were people playing hocking, ice fishing, and ice skating on the lake. It was a beautiful day at 30 degrees. After the cold month we've had in Erie, 30 degrees is a heat wave.

My mom, my sister, me and my nana.

My husband and I went out for dinner a lot this weekend. We went out to dinner with family on Friday and then out to dinner with our friends last night. This definitely contributed to a 2 lb. gain for myself. However, I have a plan to get back on track this week!

Dinner plans for the week:

S - Dinner with friends
M - Peach and salsa chicken over rice
T - Steak salads
W - Turkey burger with salad
T - Shrimp with rice and broccoli
F - Calzones
S - Date night

Exercise plans for the week:

S - Rest
M - Cardio
T - Strength
W - Cardio
T - Strength
F - Cardio
S - Strength

My plans for the day include some laundry, grocery shopping and then a trip to visit a friend out of town.

What are your Sunday plans?
How was your weekend?
Have you ever walked on a frozen lake?


  1. Hi Kay!

    Happy March :) I think it is a good idea to keep to just a couple of goals at a time. I know I have done this so many times - been all amped up and set a BUNCH of goals for myself, all of which were CRUCIAL to my success. Then I would end up losing focus because I had too much to focus on, and ended up not succeeding at a single one. I think it is much more effective to give myself one or two things to focus on at a time, and then when I am successful, I feel so strong and empowered and like I can conquer anything!

    So here's to a good March. Rootin' for ya girl!!

  2. Good luck with your March goals! Setting doable, realistic goals is an awesome idea! YOU CAN DO IT!
    Love the pic on the frozen lake. But, it can thaw out now. I'm done with winter!