Wednesday, March 5, 2014

My Motivation Soul Mate

Pinterest readers: do you ever pin something and forget that you had pinned it and then fall in love with the pin all over again when you scroll upon it? Yeah, me too.

Sometimes Most times, in order to motivate myself to start a workout, I scroll through my motivation board on Pinterest. Last night was no different. As I sat on my yoga mat, scrolling for some motivation, I stumbled upon this awesome quote:

This was it. The one I had been looking for; my motivation soul mate. You know it's a good quote when it has the ability to bring you to your feet.

Last night, I completed my scheduled strength training and my belated cardio session from Monday. I burned 150 calories by walking with an incline on my trusty treadmill and stayed within my calorie range for the day. I am feeling good this morning (and when I say good I mean I am feeling a little sore).

Tonight, I am scheduled for another cardio session. I am thinking about doing some Zumba.

What are your workout plans for today?
What motivates you to start your workout?

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