Sunday, March 30, 2014

The Oh Ball Review

I am literally counting down the days until I can start running again.

Nine more days until I can give my new running shoes their first run. Just in case you have forgotten what they look like between yesterday's post and now:

I may or may not be carrying this picture of my new running shoes around on my phone, showing it off to my friends as if it were a picture of my first born child. Don't judge.

Along with taking a two-week-break from running, daily ice therapy, wearing a plantar fasciitis boot at night, and doing plantar fasciitis stretches; I have also been using something called the Oh Ball to help relieve the pain from my plantar fasciitis. 


Before I was even officially diagnosed with plantar fasciitis, the Oh ball was one of the only things that took my foot pain away. It was an instant relief, at that! The last time I was able to run, I had significant foot pain. I stretched and used the Oh Ball for about 10-15 minutes immediately after running. The pain was gone instantly after using the Oh Ball. It has been a lifesaver as my plantar fascia heals!

The instant pain relief isn't the only reason why I have enjoyed using the Oh Ball. It is portable, and easy to use. I can take it with me anywhere I go! I often use it at work or while I am visiting family and friends. I even used it once while I was waiting at the doctors office! The multi-position handles that come with the Oh Ball make it comfortable for me to use while I'm standing or sitting.

I received my Oh Ball in exchange for writing my honest review of the product, today. However, after using this product for instant relief of my foot pain for many weeks now, I can honestly say that it's well worth the price found on amazon.

Thank you Kipp, the inventor of the Oh Ball. It's been a lifesaver for me! I look forward to using this product even after my fascia heals. It's an amazing foot massage, like no other!

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