Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Enough with the Silly

Every day after work, I come home to my new KitchenAid mixer starring at me. Or maybe, I'm starring at it. Either way, I can't wait to use it again!

The bread that I made (for the first time ever) turned out amazing this past weekend. I must admit, I feel like a real baker after accomplishing my first loaves of bread. Bread was always intimidating to me so, for me to jump right in and nail it for the first time; definite ego boost in the kitchen, my friends!

I've been recipe shopping for my next adventure with the KitchenAide mixer. I think this is going to be great!

I never thought I would love baking so much. There's just something about filling my loved ones bellies with homemade baked treats that fills my heart with joy! Let's just hope it doesn't fill the extra room that I've worked on making in my pants, right?! So far, I have done little taste testing, myself. Just a lot of sharing the love (and calories).

Speaking about calories, I've gotta tell ya; bringing fresh fruit to work has been saving me from going to the office snack box in the afternoons. Hard boiled eggs, too. These two snacks have been helping me in a major way.

I've also been taking salads to lunch this week, as I did last week. I switched it up this week though by adding meat to my salad. Today, I added some leftover pepperoncini pot roast to my romaine. It was amazing.

Last night's dinner plate.

Sometimes, I think about the recipes I will hand down to my unborn child. Pepperoncini pot roast is definitely one of those recipes. I just know my future child will be saying "Gee, thanks, mom!" when they make this recipe. It's so EASY and quick. Did I mention it's delicious? Oh, brother!

Authors Note: I am not pregnant, I am just weird and think distantly into my future. The one that I make up in my head, not the real future. Of course I can't tell the future. However, this pepperoncini pot roast definitely makes me think I can.

Enough with the silly; off to do my workout!

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  1. I notice a difference on how full I feel if I add meat to my salad. Gotta bulk it up with some protein!

    Good for you for avoiding the office snack box and enjoying your healthy snacks instead!