Thursday, April 3, 2014

Found a Loophole

I am really mad at myself. My previous self, that is.

Last night, after a long day at work, I just couldn't believe that I made it a goal for April to not eat out more than once a week. Of course, I made this goal right after eating out for dinner, which takes up my one time for this week.

I was really tired after work yesterday, and I wanted nothing more than to eat fast food. Since I wasn't able to eat out, I decided to go to the grocery store and find something quick to make instead. I ended up getting a personal pizza and a bag of edamame for dinner.

Dinner was highly satisfying (in the sense of taste), quick and not considered "eating out" since I went out to the store, bought the pre-made dinner and made it myself. It wasn't super healthy, but it was better than going through the drive-thru at McDonalds.

Leave it to me to find a loophole in my own challenge. I was weak yesterday, what can I say? Good news is, the scale was happy with my decision. I checked on it this morning, and I am already down a pound for this week. My next official weigh-in will be next Tuesday. Since April started on a Tuesday, I decided to switch my weigh-in day for this month.

My little brother had to have emergency surgery on his tonsils this morning, so I am leaving work at 12:30 p.m. to visit with him this afternoon (and to give my parents a break). His surgery went well, and now he is recovering. He is very sad and in a lot of pain. I hope I can cheer him up when I get there!

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