Saturday, April 26, 2014

Homemade Pizza Dough is the Way to Go Friends, I must tell you, once you start making your own dough from scratch, it's so hard to go back.

We made our own pizza dough for the first time last weekend. The dough recipe we used makes 4 pizza crusts, so we individually wrapped and froze them for another time. Today, for lunch, was our first time using our homemade pizza dough. It was out of this world.

I pulled out a package of our homemade frozen dough yesterday. It was perfectly thawed and ready to be rolled out, today. One great thing about this dough, it's tough enough so there's no chance of putting holes in it as you roll it out. (Well, I guess there's always a chance.) The freshness you get from a homemade pizza crust is also hard to beat.

Fresh mushrooms, cooked up lightly in a frying pan for my half; mushrooms with pepperoni for my husband's half. This was an amazing lunch. Especially to have after the interval run/walk we had this morning.

My husband and I went for a light run with a lot of walking in between. We brought both of our dogs with us, and as you may remember from a previous post, one of our dogs is not a runner (Max). So it was a slow go but totally worth it because I just love spending time with all three of my boys; especially, outside on a beautiful day!

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