Monday, April 28, 2014

KitchenAid Adventures: Why I Love Bread

As of late, I've been posting a lot of bread recipes for you all. I really do plan on venturing beyond the bread with my KitchenAid Adventures but right now, I'm having a lot of fun trying new breads.

I just love making bread. One reason being, there is a lot of down time in between steps. It gives me some time to clean up the dishes, and prepare for the next steps ahead.

Some more reasons I love making bread:

  • It saves us money.
  • I know all the ingredients going into my bread.
  • It makes my house smell good.
  • It makes me feel accomplished.
  • I can say "Hey, I made that!"
  • I love to fill my loved ones bellies with homemade goodies.
Here's a list of all the bread recipes I've made with My KitchenAid, so far:

Basic White Bread
Basic Cinnamon Bread
Flax Bread

This will be my last KitchenAid Adventures post for a while. Once I start venturing beyond the bread (or even past the beginner's bread stage) I'll share more with you! Pinky promise.

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