Thursday, April 17, 2014

Not a Runner

After work, I laced up my Brooks Running Shoes and took my dogs for a run. I found a really nice dirt road that I want to start running on more often. It's very peaceful, with streams along the side.

During my run, I also found out which one of my dogs is a runner, and which one is not.

Topher absolutely loves to run. He was ahead of me the entire time, wanting more and more. Max, struggled. He prefers to be walking; better yet, he prefers to be carried. I think the picture above is a good representation of both of them. Topher is ready to run, and Max is wondering "can we be done, yet?" His face tells all. I've been there, buddy.

Today was probably one of my favorite days at work. Can you guess why? Well, it had to do with it being a worker appreciation day, and there was food provided all throughout the Agency. I had two plates of different kinds of salads; broccoli salad, antipasto salad and a fruit salad! I had one wing, a pepperoni ball and a hot caramel sundae for dessert. Best day ever, at work. Hands down. However, the scale might not think so but, lucky for me, tomorrow is not weigh-in day. 

I've been trying to fit in extra exercise when I can to offset all the extra calories I ate throughout the day at work. I went for a walk with my little brother after my run with the dogs. But then, I made a homemade pecan pie for my husband. And of course I had to taste test it.

More on the pecan pie another time. We've got to go to bed soon because my husband is getting his wisdom teeth out in the morning. Wish him luck!

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