Thursday, April 10, 2014

Problem Solved

I am very proud of myself.

When I got home from work yesterday, I saw a package had arrived. A few days ago a put in an order for a trailer that hooks onto a bicycle. I love to go on bike rides when it's nice outside but, I always feel bad for leaving my two mini dachshunds at home when I go.

Problem solved.

Putting it together wasn't hard, attaching it to my bike, however, required my grandpa's help. My husband was at class last night, and I really wanted to test the trailer out the same night that I got it, just in case it needed returned. Good thing my grandparents live right down the road from me! Once my grandpa secured the trailer to my bicycle, I took it for a test ride through the yard; dogs included. The maiden voyage was a little rocky. I can't wait to test the trailer out on a smooth surface; hopefully this weekend.

After the trailer was put together, I made myself a grilled chicken salad for dinner.

I did my strength training routine, too.

2 sets of 12 side lateral raises
2 sets of 12 front lateral raises
2 sets of 12 standing bicep curls
2 sets of 12 tricep extensions behind head

After all that, I spent an hour reading and studying the bible. I haven't taken the time to do that in a while, and I'd like to get back into the routine of studying at least once a week. Last night, I began with the book of Matthew.

Have you ever tried using a bicycle trailer for your children/pets?
How often do you eat salads?
What's your favorite bible verse?


  1. Yes! My boyfriend and I bought a burley last summer for the same purpose! People always stare and laugh at us, but we don't care, we want our baby dogs to have fun too! I'm glad we're not the only crazy dog parents out there :)

  2. Love that you bought a trailer for your puppies! I feel the same way about my dog, but she's a Bernese Mountain Dog and may not fit in the trailer. ;)

  3. We have a pink dog stroller for our precious pooch. She loves to ride in it. People give us odd looks but we dont care, we want our dog to get out and get some fresh air! When we try to walk her she has to smell and tinkle everywhere. We are trying to get in a good walk at a good pace but its difficult when she does that so we put her in the stroller. That way we all have a good time.