Saturday, April 12, 2014

Turning a Good Week into a Good Month

After the amazing week that I've had, I began to think to myself; how will I make a good week turn into a good month?

My first thought is to identify what made my week successful.

Things that kept me motivated this week:

  • A couple fresh, new recipes to try (always exciting).
  • Making sure I had the time to make the new recipes (being realistic with my expectations).
  • Making sure I had the energy to stick to my plans (getting enough sleep).
  • Water, water, water.
  • Getting in my exercise and eating well, not one or the other.
  • Oatmeal every morning for breakfast (very filling).
  • Fresh Salads for lunches at work (changed it up by adding fruit to my salads this week).
  • Hard boiled eggs, string cheese, strawberries, grapes and bananas for snacks.
  • Dove dark chocolate squares (helped my nightly chocolate craving).

My second thought is to repeat the good week and make any minor changes, necessary.

I'm going to switch up my meal plans a bit for the upcoming week, but I am going to definitely make sure I have a couple new recipes to try. This keeps me excited in the kitchen, and when I'm excited about being in the kitchen, I'm less likely to order out for dinner.

I made it through the entire work week without ordering out for lunch or dinner. As part of my April Challenge, I made it goal to eat out no more than once per week. I'm using my "once per week" this evening, when my husband and I meet up for dinner with a friend and her boyfriend.

Last night, we stuck to our meal plan and made Goat Cheese and Tomato Pizza.

It was suppose to be Goat Cheese and Sundried Tomato Pizza but, I forgot about the bag of sundried tomatoes I had just bought recently. I used a fresh tomato instead. It tasted great, anyway!

Actually, all you need to make this is a pizza crust (the one I used is store bought, but I'm looking into making my own soon); pizza sauce of your choice; sundried or fresh tomatoes, and; a small package of goat cheese (we used garlic and herb flavored). I baked the pizza at 375 for 12 minutes and it was perfection!

The goat cheese is so rich, you only need a little bit of cheese for each slice!

What little things motivate you to stay on track?
Ever tried goat cheese on a pizza?
Any good pizza dough recipes you'd suggest I try?

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