Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Grill Master and a Streak

My husband is hands down, the grill master.

Yesterday, we had our first grilled meal of the year. Grilled shrimp and baby red potatoes with loads and loads of flavor. I'm talking, cayenne pepper, honey, garlic salt and italian seasoning kind of flavor. Wow. My taste buds are still in shock.

While my husband made the masterpiece that was dinner, I went for a run/walk with my dogs. Poor, poor Max. He goes so slow, I had to stop a few times so he could catch up. When I go running with my two dogs, I literally get pulled by Topher to hurry up and get pulled back by Max to slow down. These two pups couldn't be more opposite when it comes to running. Funny thing, I feel like I can relate to them both.

Since I ran after work and danced in the morning (super fun way to work out, by the way!), I was able to bring my calorie total down to the 1200 range for the day. I won't be able to commit to numbers like that every day but, it's nice when that happens!

Calories in: 1,666 - Calories out: 400 = 1266 total calories for Monday

Monday was wonderful, Tuesday is turning out great. I feel a streak coming on!

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