Friday, May 9, 2014

I Took a Rest

Yesterday, I took a rest.

I have been either walking or running each night after work, but last night I just felt like I needed a break. I relaxed on my patio. By relaxing I mean that I got my hand dirty with soil and started some seeds for tomatoes, pickles, jalapeno's and zucchini. I know, I'm a little late with the tomatoes and jalapenos, and maybe the pickles too. I'm not quite sure.

This is my first time trying to grow pickles and jalapenos by seed. And it's been a couple years since I've gone through with planting tomatoes, too. This should be an adventure! I have decided that if it doesn't work, I will just buy plants that are mostly started and will go from there. My pale-green thumb will get more green, eventually. I have faith.

After planting, I made myself a delicious stuffed chicken breast with ham and gouda cheese. I baked it at 350 for 35 minutes. It was no chicken cordon bleu, but it sure was amazing!

The stuffed chicken breast included 2 oz. gouda cheese, 2 oz. virginia ham and a few pinches of italian seasoning. It was 438 calories and worth every single one of them!

Speaking of calories, I have noticed that I have been slowly creeping up with my calorie totals this week. Check this out:

Calories in: 1,666 - Calories out: 400 = 1266 total calories for Monday.
Calories in: 2,012 - Calories out: 488 = 1,524 total calories for Tuesday.
Calories in: 2,035 - Calories out: 425 = 1,610 total calories for Wednesday.
Calories in: 1,948 - Calories out: 0 = 1,948 total calories for Thursday.

See what I mean? I am going to have to work on keeping my calorie intake lower this weekend. Either that or I'm going to need to move more so that I will burn more calories! I'm hoping for a good weigh-in this Sunday. After the work I put in this week, I feel deserving!

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