Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Trimester: Weeks 4-8

Right now, I am at 10 weeks and I'm feeling good. Last night, I exercised for the first time in a while. I did 15 minutes of Wii Fit Yoga and boy, did that get my heart rate up! Something that was so easy for me before is very challenging now! I took a few minutes in between each pose to rest and drink water. 15 minutes of poses is a good start for me.

More on how this week is going, later on. For now, I'll share with you how I was feeling during the first four weeks after finding out that we are pregnant!

Week 4:
Shock, disbelief, anxiety and yet, a sense of calm.
Tired! Bed time was at 8 p.m. all week. Almost went to bed at 7:30 p.m. on 5/15/14, the night that I decided to take the test that turned up positive.
Slight cramping, no bleeding.
Craving: heated subs with provolone, ham, tomatoes, lettuce, italian and mayo. Before I found out I was pregnant, I ordered one of these subs FIVE nights in a row.

Week 5:
First sonogram on 5/21/14, sonogram indicated I was 5 weeks and 2 days at that point.
So much blood work!
Still tired.
Experienced how painful gas can be.
Cramping was dwindling.
Mood swings began, a lot of unexplained crying.

Week 6: 
Oh, so that's what they mean by morning sickness!
Dizzy, queasy.
Saw and heard the heartbeat on 5/28/14. Overwhelming in the best way possible. Such a precious moment!
New routine: couch-bound at 6:00 p.m. until bedtime at 8:00 p.m.
Cramping gone!
Roller coaster of emotions.
Good blood work results!
Naps during lunchtime at work. Very hard to make it through the day. 2 p.m. - 4 p.m. is extremely hard.

Week 7:
Ginger ale and crackers first thing in the morning has been a must!
Learning to deal with fatigue by eating more often throughout the day.
Fatigue is still strong!
Morning sickness isn't just for the mornings, I see.
Traveled to Harrisburg for work this week. Very challenging!
No real cravings but a lot of aversions. Sometimes I don't know what I can't eat until it's in my mouth.
Rarely able to finish my plate, which is so unlike me!
Mood swings; highs and lows. So noticeable yet uncontrollable.

Week 8:
Black tea has been a Godsend this week! It perks me up. When I start to get cranky at night, my husband goes right to the tea kettle and pours me a cup.
Woke up morning of week 8 feeling a little less exhausted.
Taking Tums before bed and early in the morning to help ease heartburn.
Not couch bound as soon as I get home, as I once was. Able to do some light chores after work.
Early bedtime still a must!
Less mood swings. Kind of.
Made the announcement to our friends and family and my readers!

I'll post another update like this one as soon as I reach 14 weeks! Until then, just know that while things have been a little rough, they are getting better and better every day!


  1. Love reading your story! I was doing some research to help with my next blog post and stumbled upon a bunch of mom blogs. I think you can find some amusement in the most recent one. :) http://mommyhasapottymouth.tumblr.com/post/89861954070/the-first-trimester-really-really-sucks-heres-why#.U6syi_ldWpx

  2. Congrats. Your picture of all the tests makes me laugh. I don't know why, I was always fine with one I think. Morning sickness was never really a problem for me. I had some dizzy spells (actually passed out with #2, that caused some excitement as we were at church). Looking back ... I'm just remembering I had pretty easy pregnancies. I can't remember for sure if that was the case (I do think I had it pretty easy), or if you just forget about it all once you have your baby! :)