Saturday, June 28, 2014

Trust Me I am Grateful

I had a 10 week check up this week and everything is going well! We heard the heartbeat and it's a good one, at about 160 or 170 beats per minute!

One happy momma this week!

Each week seems to be getting a little better in some ways. The first few weeks were rough (with morning sickness, fatigue, etc.) but I think I'm finally able to believe some of the people that tell me the second trimester will be better.

Regardless of how I've been feeling physically, nothing beats the feeling of gratitude, faith, hope and love. All of which I feel every. single. day.

So, even I don't look like I'm grateful while I'm trying to avoid throwing up on you, trust me, I am.

If I don't sound grateful when I'm complaining about how I can't keep my eyes open past 6 p.m. some  nights, trust me, I am.

And finally, if I don't seem grateful when I share my experiences with you, including the not-so-great side effects of the first trimester, trust me, I still am.

I kind of thought those things would go without saying, but after some thought, I believe that it may need said.

As you all know, I'm not one to hide much of anything. I share my struggles, my victories and my life with little to no restraint. I am a firm believer that by sharing your journey, no matter what the journey, if there's a chance that it can help others, then don't hold back. Share it. So, I will continue to do so.

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