Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beating the Fog of Pregnancy Fatigue

Yesterday, I didn't feel so great. That changed when I got home from work, though. My saving grace was the weather. When I got home from work, it was 60-some degrees out. Did anyone else experience this wonderful weather? The perfect temperature, in my book. There was a cool breeze that made me instantly perk up. I relished my moment of energy by getting dressed to go for a walk.

My husband joined me for the walk. We went to the track and did a few laps. It was a really nice walk! We reached 1.25 miles before I felt like I needed a break. Considering that I haven't done much exercise these past couple of months, I feel like that was a good start. I also felt amazing afterward; more alive. In the midst of the almost constant fog of pregnancy fatigue, the endorphins from walking made me feel wonderful!

Something else that I noticed was that I felt like my old self, being on the track, again. I spent so many hours on that same track these past few years, trying to get healthy. A big reason being so that I could get pregnant one day. It was really great to be there yesterday, pregnant, and doing something healthy not only for myself, but for my baby, too. I am so looking forward to more cooler days and long walks to come!

Moms: what kind of exercise did you do while you were pregnant? How often did you exercise?

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