Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Trimester Eating Habits

As I'm nearing the end of my first trimester, I have come to find that I am having more good days than bad days.

I have also come to find that my definition of good days and bad days have changed (and continue to change daily). As of last week, a good day was defined by throwing up only once in the morning and then feeling no nausea for the rest of the day. A bad day was when I needed to go to sleep at 6 p.m. and lose my evening time that I so love to spend with my husband, family and friends. The good news is that even my bad days aren't really bad because it's all for the baby growing in my belly. Anytime I feel yucky, all I have to do is think about my baby dancing around in there (like it was during our 12 week ultrasound) and I instantly smile.

Since I am going into the final week of my first trimester, I think it's finally time to explain what my eating habits have been like (and why you have not been seeing any new recipes posted lately).

1. I've been turned upside down and all around. 

Pre-pregnancy, I would eat a small breakfast, followed by a slightly bigger lunch, ending with the biggest (and most favorite) meal of the day, dinner. I would have healthy snacks in between each meal and aimed to stay around 1500 calories each day. 

During pregnancy, I have noticed a new norm. It didn't take me very long at all to find out that I need to eat something as soon as I wake up in the morning (if not in the middle of the night, too). The repercussions of trying to get ready for work in the morning without eating something first are bad, bad, bad. As soon as I get to work, it's time for my second breakfast. An hour or two after that, it's time for a snack. Lunch comes only an hour or so after that, and then it's time for another snack. By the time that I get home from my all-day eating fest, I am usually hungry but find that I can't finish a normal size meal. I'm usually done eating after that but may need to incorporate a little snack before bed in these coming weeks. I am eating around 2200-2500 calories a day, and for my weight, and the little one in my tummy, I think that's just about right. After all, I've been doing this intuitively for quite a while now and I'm just trusting my gut on this one. 

2. I haven't made more than two meals in my entire first trimester.

Pre-pregnancy, making a new meal, or any meal for dinner, was one of the things that I so looked forward to doing after work. I love to cook, and I love to feed my husband good, nutritious and delicious meals. It may be the Italian in me, but I love when my husband has a full belly of the food I made.

During pregnancy, I can't bring myself to make a meal for not only somebody else, but even myself. I learned around week 6 that opening the fridge without my nose plugged and a blindfold on would send me running to the bathroom. So, I have avoided opening my fridge as much as possible since then. Thankfully, God blessed me with a husband that also loves to cook. He has actually been happy to make the meals as I sit on the couch and call out my order. That is, when I can stand to eat something home cooked. Which brings me to the next point.

3. If I see it being made, I don't want it.

Pre-pregnancy, I often would make it a goal to eat out no more than once per week. Sometimes, we even had a goal to eat out no more than once per month. When trying to eat healthy to lose weight, it works out much better when you make your own meals. I actually preferred home cooked meals, anyway.

During pregnancy, I have been the complete opposite. After a couple occasions of my husband making a meal, me taking the first bite, and finding myself unable to eat it (for no apparent reason at all); we have resorted to ordering out most nights. This habit has become more and more extreme. Last weekend, my husband's card needed an override because the restaurant we ordered take-out at had a one swipe minimum for the day. We just happened to order out from there for both lunch and dinner. My husband definitely used the "my wife is pregnant" phrase during that exchange.

A few other oddities of first trimester eating:

Grocery shopping is hard to do. I never realized that when I see a food (on a box or on the shelf), I imagine what it would be like to eat the food and that determines if I want to buy the food. Going through the hundred of different food flavors in my mind, isle after isle at the grocery store, makes me leave the store and head to the nearest trash can.

Sometimes, I don't know what I can eat until it's in my mouth. Like the time when I ate a brownie and it was so good that I wanted a second. Then, the second I put the brownie in my mouth, I needed to spit it out and couldn't touch another brownie again. Even to this day.

Aversion to chocolate. What in the world?! Chocolate use to be my favorite treat after dinner and now, I want nothing to do with it. Only 20-some years of habit brings me to try a piece every now and again. It only leads to disappointment, however; because the baby is not a fan of it!

Even though my first trimester of eating has been far from glamorous, I am just so happy about my journey so far, and where it will take me next.

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