Tuesday, July 22, 2014

First Trimester Favorites

Since I have successfully made it through the first trimester (can I get an Amen?!), I have decided to share some of my first trimester favorites with you!

1. Rich chocolate ovaltine. Added to a tall glass of cold skim milk. Simply amazing! It has been my routine for weeks to have a tall glass of milk just as soon as I can waddle myself down the stairs to get it! By the time that I finish my milk, I am usually awake enough to start getting ready for my day. 

2. Febreze spray. Since pregnancy comes with a bionic nose in which can smell anything within a mile radius, the febreze spray was a real life saver. Good smells = happy momma.

3. Pet cologne. If you have dogs, and you're pregnant, you really need this! Those hairy little fur babies really just stink. Love them? Yes. Want to be around them when they stink? No way. This pet cologne (especially the baby powder scent) has saved my relationship with my dogs throughout the first trimester!

4. Mrs. Meyer's Lemon Verbena Counter top Spray. Let's be honest. The last thing I wanted to do when I was exhausted from pregnancy fatigue, was clean. However, if you neglect cleaning, your house doesn't smell so great. Solution? The best smelling counter top spray there is. And guess what? I found it. Love this scent! Just spraying it made me perk up and I swear it gave me the energy I needed to wipe down the counters while I was at it!

5. Bongo Junior's Plus Sleeveless Drop-Waist Maxi Dress. I bought 4 of these dresses from Sears toward the end of my first trimester. Comfort is really important to me. This is my favorite dress for that! Also, if I throw a cardigan on top, I'm ready for fall! This was just perfect for me!

6. One a Day Prenatal Vitamin with DHA. This is a given.

7. Italian Linen Spray. We spray this on the bed spread each night before we lay down. It really freshens up the room! This summer, the bed time routine has been for my husband to go upstairs, turn on the air conditioner and spray the sheets. It's like being pampered each night. So relaxing to walk into!

These are just a few things that helped make life a little more easier as I was trying not to throw up on my family, friends and dogs. Let me know if any of them help you, too!

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