Sunday, July 27, 2014

Honeymoon Stage of Prengnacy

Just over a week ago, toward the end of my first trimester, I may or may not have become a little impatient (read: hostile). I may or may not have said that I would be calling B.S. on anyone who told me that I was going to feel better in the second trimester, if I in fact, I did not. Well, I'm happy to say that I don't have to call out anyone, because you lovely people were right. I am feeling better! Thank God!

It's been a gradual up and down kind of feeling better, but overall, definitely better! I made a homemade pizza with the best-ever homemade pizza dough for lunch today. That in itself, is saying a lot. Before today, I haven't even touched my deeply-loved KitchenAid Mixer since becoming pregnant. I was too tired to make a frozen meal let alone a homemade one. As I conclude the first week of my second trimester, I am happy to have the energy to make yummy homemade foods once again!

As a side for dinner tonight, I am planning on grilling our first home-grown zucchini of the year! Grilled zucchini planks make this momma very happy!

We picked a couple of our first home-grown jalepeno peppers, as well, today. I think I'll dice the peppers and use them as a marinade for steak. My head is really liking the spicy foods lately; my tummy has yet to decide if it agrees.

As I approach week 15 of my pregnancy, I am getting really excited! I'm excited for so much; holding my baby, seeing my husband with our baby, getting the nursery ready, helping plan the baby shower, possibly taking a little Babymoon together, etc. etc. etc.

I smile every day, just thinking about the future, and relishing the time we are in now. I feel like these are the best days of my life, and it's only just beginning. I remember feeling this way so many times before (the wedding, the honeymoon, the vacations, every-day life together) but this is just so special in a different way! I'm so happy (and definitely happy to be in the honeymoon stage of this pregnancy).

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