Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Sometimes I Feel Better

Since sharing my first trimester eating habits with you, I have been motivated to eat better this week.

And let me tell you, just as soon as I say that I'm feeling better, my body proves me wrong. So, I will just say that since I "sometimes feel better", I feel like I should start eating better, too.

My dinners this week, compared to the last few weeks, have significantly improved. We only ordered out once, so far, and it was last night when I wasn't feeling well. I actually stayed home from work yesterday. It was a bad day.

Sunday: Lasagna Roll Ups
Monday: Tomato, Mozzarella on Caibatta
Tuesday: Combination Sub
Wednesday: Egg Salad Sandwiches

My favorite this week! Tomato, mozzarella on caibatta.

Side note: I have decided that if I don't start feeling better come Monday (the start of my second trimester), I'm calling BS on everyone who said I would feel better in my second trimester. Yes, I am only giving it one day before I call BS on you.

Okay, I was totally laughing as I wrote that. I won't be so dramatic; I will give it two days.

Back to the food.

Not only have I been doing better with my dinners, but my snacks have improved as well. On Sunday, when I was feeling good, I went grocery shopping for healthy snack choices! This is an accomplishment in many ways, first and foremost; the fact that I was able to go grocery shopping and not immediately run to a trash can afterward, was life changing. I think going shopping with a full stomach helped with the grocery-shopping nausea. I'll have to test this again, soon.

After grocery shopping, I prepped my snacks for the week. I bagged up some baby carrots, grapes and sliced bell peppers. I've been eating all of my healthy snacks throughout the day and I've been feeling good about them! Much better than my previous snacks of pop tarts, fruit snacks and chips.

I know by now that I will have my good days and bad days. My goal now is to really take advantage of my good days by planning ahead and making life a little easier for myself during those bad days. Snack prepping is just one way I'll work on that! Next up: meal prepping.

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