Thursday, August 7, 2014

Baby Scare

Well yesterday, I had quite the scare. We had our 16 week prenatal appointment and everything was going well until they tried to find the heartbeat. The doctor tried to find the heartbeat for what seemed like 5 minutes without any success. It was the scariest 5 minutes of my life. I just couldn't believe they couldn't find the heartbeat. It was my worst nightmare. I am still recovering from that scare. Let's just say, a lot of tears were shed last night. Hormones were all over the place!

Thank God, it was just a scare. After the doctor was unable to find the heartbeat, she went to get a sonogram technician. The sonogram technician was there in an instant (thankfully). I was on the verge of tears but my husband kept my spirits up. It only took a minute before I saw my baby on the screen, and a moment later I heard the best sound in the world; my baby's heartbeat. The sonogram tech showed us some new views of the baby. We were able to see it's long legs and feet, which was really sweet. We got some updated pictures, too. I'm so happy and relieved that everything is okay.

After my appointment, I went for a walk with my dogs. I met my mom and little brother down at the park. We walked slowly, but I made sure to get 30 minutes in. I made it a goal for August to walk 3 times a week and I've been successful this week!

After walking, my husband and I made dinner. I made an old time favorite, Melt in Your Mouth Chicken, with a side of rice and homegrown green beans that we picked from our garden! I just love having a vegetable garden!

If you need a good recipe idea for dinner, check out Melt in Your Mouth Chicken. Super simple, and super tasty!

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  1. Happy that they found heart beat! i'm sure that would have hard till they found it. I've never had a child but i can definitely imagine! Doing great! i want to try that chicken breast too sounds good although i'm not a big chicken fan!