Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Incy Wincy Bit Crazy

Yesterday was good and bad.

It was really good because I went for a 30 minute walk and I even ran for a minute and half! That was my first attempt at running while pregnant. Reason being in part due to me being scared of hurting the baby. Let me tell you though, running while being pregnant is kind of hard. My lung space is compromised and my belly feels so heavy. I definitely applaud all pregnant runners and would go as far as to admit that I think that you may be an incy wincy bit crazy. Then again, aren't all runners? Yeah...

Post run

The bad part of the day came after the run. My dogs got a hold of a baby bunny and my husband had to put it down. To say that I was emotional about it, is an understatement. Pregnancy hormones + dying baby rabit = crazy crying pregnant lady. Yep. I still tear up about it.

Don't worry though... my husband dropped me off at my moms house afterward so I could get cheered up by my little brother, Evan. He insisted we take "taco tongue selfies". I agreed.

What do you do to cheer yourself up when you're down?

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