Thursday, August 28, 2014

Second Trimester: Weeks 14 - 18

In so many ways this pregnancy is going really fast and in so many ways, it's going slow. Mostly, though, it's going a little too fast. Here's what weeks 14 - 18 looked like for me!

Week 14:
I'm so happy to be in the second trimester! A lot of worries are fading away.
Decided on a bought a paint color for the nursery.
The pregnancy cliche of intense pickle cravings have arrived for me. I bought a jar of pickles to keep at work.

Week 16

Week 15:
A lot of prickly cramping; baby is definitely growing this week!
Felt baby move a/k/a the quickening for the first time this week, and on 3 different occasions. This makes me really happy and excited!
My husband and I started cleaning out the nursery (previous storage room) and did the first coat of paint!

Week 16:
Began walking more routinely and able to feel the baby most when I'm relaxing after being active!

Week 18
Week 17:
Feeling so happy to be so far along, and getting really excited about meeting the baby!
Having a lot of dreams where I'm holding the baby this week.

Week 18:
Second coat of paint done in the nursery. All that's left is the ceiling and trim!
Feeling more up to doing more active things. Staying up a little later and feeling quite normal.
The baby's kicks are getting stronger and my husband was able to feel a kick for the first time! So special!

Now that I'm in week 19, I'm anxiously awaiting our next sonogram when we can finally find out if we are having a boy or a girl! What's your guess?


  1. P.S. This is such an exciting time in pregnancy. Enjoy the energy as it continues through this trimester. :-)