Sunday, August 17, 2014

Wonderful No Plans Weekend

This had to have been our first no-plans weekend of summer and it was absolutely wonderful!

We did a lot this weekend, starting with a night out for Celebrate Erie on Friday!

We both had a ruben from a street vendor for dinner. With all of the yummy food choices, it was hard for me to choose but I just followed my husband's lead because he rarely goes wrong when it comes to picking out good food!

We went shopping for some more maternity friendly clothes for me on Saturday, followed by Panera bread for dinner. I have been craving their broccoli cheddar soup for what seems to be weeks, now. I was one happy momma after that meal!

Today, we stayed around the house and got a second coat of paint done in the nursery. It's finally looking more and more like the nursery we're imagining. We are getting so excited! The next step is to get antique white paint for the crown molding and ceiling. We'll work on getting that done here and there. It's so much more enjoyable to take it all at our own pace. I really like spreading out the joy of getting the nursery ready, too!

We're finishing up the day with a deep clean of the floors and then we'll be ordering a large salad and sampler basket from a local restaurant. We've got to go grocery shopping before the day ends, as well.

How was your weekend?
What's your favorite soup at Panera Bread?

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