Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Fair Time

One of our favorite weeks of the year has finally arrived! Fair week!

I have to be honest, being pregnant during the fair is probably going to be just as dangerous as it is satisfying. (Speaking about the food, of course!) However, a couple years ago, I came to terms with the fact that fair week is a week to splurge. It only comes one week a year, after all! 

We didn't even grocery shop for dinners this week because we are planning on eating dinner at the fair. We are going to pick something different to eat for dinner each night. Or at least I'm going to try. I am really hooked on the Gyros at the fair. I could probably just eat a Gyro for dinner each night and be happy! They are just so good and it's not something to be guilty about eating, either!

The fair didn't officially start until today, but last night my mom and I walked around the grounds to look at the tractors with my little brother (and his TSS). It was a good way to get him ready for opening day of the fair!

I spy a baby bump!

Evan loves to sit on the tractors. I think that he believes it's almost more fun than the real rides! We'll see what he thinks after tonight. Since my husband is at night class, I am going to take my Evan to Ride a Rama at the fair. I'll only be alone with him for an hour before my parents get there (but still wish me luck)! Now that I'm pregnant, I am getting a little less confident in my running skills and I'm slightly worried about the fact that I can't pick him up. Hopefully I won't need to do either one and all will be well!

Did you go to a fair this year?
What's your favorite fair food?

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