Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall is Treating Me Well

Sorry that I've been MIA for a few days. It's been busy times for us!

I am taking advantage of the energy that my second trimester is giving me, while I have it. I have been reconnecting with friends and getting out and about more, in general. In my first trimester, I felt like a hermit. Now that I'm coming up on my third trimester, I feel like I need to get out as much as I can before my energy dips down again! To be in my second trimester during fall has been a wonderful thing!

This weekend, we went to my husband's uncle's wedding. It was a really good time and a beautiful day for a wedding! The leaves are changing and the sun was out. We have been blessed with a great fall, so far.

Since it's fall, our garden is just about done producing. Yesterday, we picked the last of our jalapenos and the only orange pumpkin from our garden. I have wonderful plans for those jalapenos, and I hope to share the results with you very soon!

On Friday night, my mom and I got together and started making some crafts for the baby shower. My first baby shower is only a couple weeks away. I just can't believe it! My husband and I are both so excited! I am going to have him at the shower with me, and I'm happy to be able to share the baby shower experience with him. I think he'll really enjoy it!

Tonight, my sister is coming over to help me with the crafts and my friend will be helping me tomorrow, too.

What did you do this weekend?
Is fall treating you well?

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