Friday, October 3, 2014

Time to Register for Baby Shower

With my first baby shower being only 3 weeks away and the invitations already been sent out, I am kind of running behind on registering for the shower. My husband and I seemed to have something going on each weekend and the only weekend we had free to register, I was down with bronchitis. So, God willing, we are planning on registering for the baby this weekend.

My husband and I are going to be registering for our baby girl at Babies R' Us and Target. Maybe even at Baby Depot if we aren't completely worn out from the first two stores. Mind you, I'm reserving both Saturday and Sunday for registering, so I think we should have enough time to get it all done. We are blessed with three moms who each want to throw us a shower, so we are going to try to register for a lot of items so there will be plenty for people to choose from.

The first time we started looking at strollers and car seats, I nearly had an anxiety attack right there in the store. It's a little overwhelming, and I'm glad that I got my anxiety attack out of the way. I am planning on keeping my stress level low and the fun level high for when we register this weekend.

This weekend is all about this baby girl!

Moms -- please help me out! What is one thing (or more) that I should definitely register for this weekend?

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  1. Ask if you can test fit strollers in your trunk!! Babies R Us let us do it and it was very important to know we could fit the assembled stroller in our little grand am at the time.
    Register for different kinds of bottles and pacifiers ... Some babies like different kinds.
    Don't forget they grow fast make sure you include crawling and new walking stage gifts and toys.
    A nursing cover (I really like udder covers)