Friday, November 21, 2014

The Cancer Has Spread

We got the news back from my moms surgery two weeks ago. The cancer has spread to at least one of her lymph nodes. She is in Stage 3, and will be getting a full body scan to make sure she's not in Stage 4. She will also be going in for more surgery before Christmas. If you've kept my mom in your prayers, thank you. Please send more, because we could use them!

Finding out this kind news about your mother is hard at any age and any time in your life. Being about 8 months pregnant when dealing with this news, has it's own unique effect. Dealing with grief + hormones is an adventure, to say the least.

Overall, though, being pregnant while getting this news may just be a blessing in disguise. I am conscious of how my stress level effects my baby girl, and so I do not let myself lose it like I think I very well could and have every right to. I am forcing myself to be positive about this, because it's healthier for myself, my baby, my mom, my husband, my siblings, etc.

Above is a good quote for the moment. Just because you see me smiling, doesn't mean everything is okay. It means that I'm trying to be strong. It's a good reminder that everyone has their own battles they are dealing with.

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