Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas 2014

My husband and I had a really great Christmas together! We knew that this was going to be our last Christmas, just the two of us; yet at the same time, our baby girl was with us, so I think that made it even more special.

I am really thankful that I felt so good during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. As usual, we visited 6 places over two days time. 

On Christmas Eve, we spent some time at my grandma's on my mom's side. We did an exchange and had a great dinner with the family! After that, my husband and I went to the Christmas Eve service at Church. It's a candle light service, and it is always very special. After the service, my husband and I made our final stop of the evening at his mom's house. We did an exchange and then played games with the family.

When Nick and I got home on Christmas Eve, we exchanged our own gifts to one another. One of the gifts he got me this year was a foot spa. I have already tested it out since opening it and let me tell you, it is amazing! A few weeks ago, when my feet and ankles were a little swollen, he made up a small tub of hot water and epsom salts for me to soak my feet in. He remembered how happy that made me, and so he got the idea to get me the foot spa. The jets and foot massagers make this pregnant lady even happier, now. It was a really great gift!

Nick also got our baby girl a gift. He bought her a pack of onesies that have different sayings on them. One of the onesies says "pretty lil lady". It's just perfect because he calls me his "lady" and I know that he is planning on calling her his "little lady". It was so cute; I can't wait to dress her up in these onesies from her daddy!

On Christmas morning, my husband and I took it easy. Despite all of the stops we planned to make that day, it was very relaxing. We made sure to take our time! Our first stop was at my mom's house, where we exchanged gifts and had some breakfast. Our second stop was at Nick's dad's where we also exchanged gifts. Our third stop was at my dad's house where we had brunch and exchanged gifts with the family. Our final stop was at Nick's grandma's where we played games, visited and snacked.

It was a great Christmas, and I'm so glad that I was feeling well enough to make it through all the stops, and visit with everyone! Next year will be very different, and while I love our routine now, I can't wait to see what we'll be in for next Christmas when it's the three of us!

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