Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Freezer Meals: Pizza Dough and Turkey Meatloaf

The past few days, I have added two more types of meals to my freezer stash for postpartum.

Turkey Meatloaf and Easy No-Rise Pizza Dough

I have previously shared with you my recipe for turkey meatloaf. The original recipe makes two mini meatloaf's, perfect for my husband and I to share for dinner.

On Sunday, I doubled the recipe, making a total of four mini turkey meatloaf's. We ate one for dinner and the other three went to the freezer for postpartum enjoyment.

The pizza dough recipe that I made while I was off from work yesterday has also been shared in the past. I quadrupled this recipe. It's just so simple; I absolutely love it!

Since I have doubled and quadrupled these recipes, I now have 8 homemade frozen meals in our deep freezer, ready for us to enjoy postpartum. This is definitely one of my ways of nesting, and it makes me so happy to know we'll have some frozen homemade meals to turn to after the baby comes!

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