Sunday, January 4, 2015

Almost Baby New Year

The New Year has brought a lot of excitement our way!

On New Year's Eve, I had my first prenatal visit at my new OBGYN office. I actually didn't even get a chance to meet my new doctor because he had me sent straight to labor and delivery at the hospital. Due to some of the symptoms I told the nurse I had been experiencing, the doctor thought it would be best for me to be at the hospital to be monitored and to get some testing done. 

My husband and I were really shocked, and couldn't believe this was happening. So much was running through our heads. Were we about to have this baby on New Year's Eve? Thankfully, we had just packed our hospital bags the night before and they were in the car with us, so we were as prepared as we could be should our baby girl decide to arrive.

When we got to the hospital, I was checked into a labor and delivery suite immediately. I had some testing done, and while I was hooked up to the monitors, I went through some mild contractions. The contractions started to get a little stronger as time went on but I think that was mostly due to my anxiety and anticipation of what exactly was going on.

We were in the labor and delivery suite for about 4 hours until we were released. I was only 1/2 cm dilated and the test results showed that I had a common infection with pregnancy so I was given antibiotics.

I haven't had many contractions since being released from the hospital, so I believe all is well and that our baby girl will be waiting a little longer before making her arrival. I wouldn't be surprised if she waited past her due date at this point. I feel like she is really comfortable in there. Only time will tell!

My husband and I hadn't really gotten a chance to take a tour of the hospital, so this unexpected "test run" was kind of perfect for us. There was a point during my hospital stay where we weren't sure if I would have to be induced, so the nurse was getting prepared; all the way down to setting out the baby hat, the foot print pad, and having me fill out the birth certificate. (We didn't fill out her name because while we are sure about the first name, the middle name will be decided once we see her). It was very surreal, and now that I didn't have to deliver, we have a lot of paperwork already filled out and ready to go for when she does arrive!

Hopefully next time, it will be the real thing. We can't wait to meet our little sunshine!

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