Thursday, January 1, 2015

Nursery Tour and Name Reveal

When it came to picking out a name for our baby girl, my husband and I were both really drawn to Piper.

We didn't want to settle on a name right away, so we made a list of all the names that sounded good to us. The list consisted of a lot of "P" names, but Piper was always the one that we went back to.

I think that deep down we always knew that there was never really any other name other than Piper for our baby girl.

My favorite part of the nursery is the location in the house. The glider that we bought to rock our baby to sleep is placed in front of a large window in the nursery. Outside of that window is our pond. This is perfect because as you rock peacefully, you can hear the waterfalls in the pond flowing. It's the purest kind of bliss!

Early on, my husband and I tried many different splotches of colors on the wall until we became set on "faded burlap". We wanted the walls to be neutral because we were painting well before we could find out the gender of our little girl. We went for an "antique white" for the ceiling and woodwork. We really love the way it all turned out!

Getting started on the nursery early was the best idea we've had. We started with paint, then the light fixture and switch plates, and went on from there as the weeks passed. Things started getting real serious after we found out the gender and the crib was bought. Some days, I sit in the nursery and just look around. It's filled with such great memories of excitement and anticipation as we slowly created the nursery that it has become.

My mother-in-law and step-father-in-law bought us the crib. I knew this was the crib for us when I saw it in the store. Luckily, there was only one left and it was the floor model. This gave us a great deal on the perfect crib. It doesn't get much better than that!

The dresser and end table use to be mine from when I was a teenager. My husband painted the set and now they are my little girls. It's so special to hand these pieces of furniture down for her to use! The drawers are filled with onesies and pants size 0-3 months as well as a drawer for diapers and wipes.

My husband installed miniature shelving to hold some decorations as well as the baby lotions and creams. This helped decorate the area above her changing pad and it doubles as "functional" for some necessities. We also have a basket next to the changing pad for whatever we find we will need close at hand during diaper changes.

I went a little crazy with matching the containers that hold anything from her hair accessories, to receiving blankets, to larger sized clothes. Target was my weakness for these bins. Different sizes, same cute flower theme; I was sold! The closet is filled with them.

We were so happy when we found the perfect rug that was in my mind for my baby's room for as long as I can remember. It's so fluffy and comfy! I can see her rolling around on this rug for many years ahead!

The glider was the last and possibly my favorite piece we bought for the nursery. Our gift cards went toward this big purchase and I have enjoyed it almost daily every since we bought it!

This past month, I have finished two books while rocking away, listening to the waterfalls outside the window behind me. Piper already loves to be rocked, I can tell by her movements when we sit together. We have had some serious bonding time in this chair, the two of us. Anytime I am stressed, this glider washes away the worry as I rock and hold my belly. This quiet time we have together fills my heart with such joy! It was the place where I sat as I made the big decision to leave my work and stay at home with my baby girl. It's the place where everything makes sense.

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  1. Shoot, did my comment not post? I'll try again. If it did, delete this one! I just stumbled across your Instagram/blog! My husband and I are expecting our first late this summer. The rocker is something I plan to splurge on. Where did you get yours from? Congrats on your babe, she's beautiful and perfect!