Tuesday, January 6, 2015

You May Be Spoiled

You may be spoiled if you text your mom from work in the morning, telling her how hungry you are, and then not too long after, your step-dad drops off his own lunch for you to eat. You might even be extra spoiled if they buy you a sub for you to save for dinner that night, as well.

Yes, I am the spoiled person in that scenario and that is what happened today.

I am running low on groceries in the house, so I only brought hot pockets with me to work today and they were gone by 10 a.m. Am I proud? No, I'm actually a little ashamed. I didn't expect week 38 of pregnancy to bring on such an intense hunger for me. I am constantly hungry and it's a hunger that I haven't known before. (I'm even eating in the middle of the night!) I guess this wasn't the best time to skip our grocery trip for the week.

My husband would usually help me out by going grocery shopping for me tonight, but he is working all day and will be in night class after that. Right now, we are getting hit with frigid temperatures, snow and ice. I can barely make it from my car to the house without slipping; I definitely don't want to try balancing on the ice with bags of groceries in my arms at 9 months pregnant.

Not to mention, after my almost-hour-long commute home from work, I am quite honestly exhausted when I get home. Heartburn has been so intense at night lately and pregnancy insomnia has hit me hard. This is a challenging week, but I will make it through. My last day of work is Friday, so I am hoping to catch up on some sleep after that (while I still can).

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  1. What sweet parents. At 9 months you deserve a lot of spoiling ;) I'm sure they are glad to help.