Friday, February 27, 2015

Exercise After C-Section

Tomorrow is the last day of February. Time is going by so fast (except for when it comes to the weather. Spring can hurry up, now)!

Earlier this week, I had my 5-week postpartum appointment with my doctor. I couldn't believe it was already time for that appointment. I feel like just yesterday I was in the hospital, getting ready to deliver Piper.

At my appointment, the doctor said that my c-section incision is healing up well, and that I can begin to speed walk for exercise. Once I reach 8 weeks postpartum, I may add any exercise I feel I am able to. This is great news!

I am so glad that I'm allowed to exercise again. I wasn't planning on getting right back into running like I was doing prior to pregnancy, so walking will be just fine for now. My body has been through a lot. I will eventually get back to running, just not right away.

In the meantime, I have been reading up on the following articles:

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My dear Forerunner and I, back when I was running.

I really can't wait for warm weather and the challenge that a hard run brings me. However, since we aren't there quite yet, I am going to focus on enjoying the "season" I am in. My baby is 5 weeks old, I am cleared for walking, and I am ready to start making some goals for the month ahead!

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