Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Piper Grace: The First Week

Our first week with Piper was a lot of things. It was special, it was a learning experience, it was emotional and it was beautiful.

We spent most of our first week in the hospital. Since I had a c-section, we didn't get home until day four with Piper. Recovery from the c-section was definitely intense that first week. I wasn't able to get out of the hospital bed without complete assistance from my husband. He would have to help me walk to the bathroom, shower, etc.

Since I was so out of commission during those first few days, I felt as if my only mothering duty was breastfeeding and skin-to-skin cuddle sessions with my baby girl. My husband did a lot of soothing, her first bath and changed all of her diapers.

Once we were finally home, I felt a little better. To our surprise, my grandparents gifted us their amazing recliner, which is where I fed Piper, rocked her, slept and basically lived. Since coming home from the hospital, we have been living on the first floor of our house. I am restricted from stairs and all of our bedrooms are upstairs. I am so thankful for that recliner because it would have been incredibly difficult to sleep on the couch while trying to recover from surgery.

We set up camp downstairs with her bassinet, rock n' play, clothes, changing area, and bottle station. Nick would have to bring her to me when she cried, because it was still too painful to get up and down time after time. He stayed home with us until I was able to move around on my own without any pain.

My first day home alone with Piper was when she turned one week old. It was such a special day! I definitely needed that time alone to gain more confidence in being a mother since I had needed so much help those first six days.

As for the hormones during the first week, all I have to say is, "wow"! I knew that I was to expect some hormone fluctuations, but they really took me by surprise. I found myself so incredibly happy one moment, and then crying (over seemingly nothing) the next. Mostly that first week, I would cry because I didn't want those moments (with her being so little) to end. I felt like time was flying by (and it kind of was).

I also started noticing a pattern during week one where I would start to get anxious once it began getting dark outside. I was anxious about the night and what it would bring. My husband was incredibly amazing at soothing Piper that first week, and for that I am so thankful. My hormones were so crazy that there was a time in the middle of the night where her cries would make me cry because I was so sad that she was crying. I'm definitely to the point where I am laughing about that, now. Hormones are serious business. I am so glad that I'm feeling back to normal, now!

Also the first week, we had to supplement formula with breast milk. The formula seemed to make Piper gassy at first (which made for a long night of crying), but I think she is tolerating it much better now. Piper didn't have any sort of schedule for sleeping and eating that first week; we let her tell us when she wanted to eat and sleep.

We had a lot of visitors that first week, and also had a lot of help from family. We were gifted with a lot of meals, and my mom and grandma would even stop by so my husband and I could get some sleep.

It was an exhausting and equally rewarding week that I'll never forget!