Saturday, February 21, 2015

Piper Grace: One Month

My heart kind of skipped a beat as I began to write this post. How is Piper already one month old? 

Have you ever heard of that one mom that cried in the hospital as she held her newborn because she feared about her baby growing up too fast and that those moments would be gone too quickly? Well, if you haven't heard of that mom yet, you have now because that mom is me. Yep. I definitely have a hard time with my baby girl growing up. However, all of the fun new things she is doing these days kind of makes up for it.

Piper likes:

- Baths: just as long as you quickly put a warm-water-soaked wash cloth on her belly, and change it out with another warm wash cloth before it starts to get cold.

- Bunny Buddy: she is fond of chewing on bunny buddy's face, and is known to whisper secrets in bunny's ear.

- Daddy: the face she is making in this picture is called the "I'm with dad face" because she only makes that face with him. She is so incredibly comforted by him. She's a definite "daddy's girl".

- Purple Rattle Monster: from two weeks old, she had her eye on that rattle monster. Starting this past week, she now bats her hand at him and "talks to him" (which consists of a lot of random "ah's and wah's).

- Side Sleeping: the first night that we brought her home from the hospital, we laid her in the bassinet and within moments, she rolled onto her side. If we can manage to get her to sleep on a flat surface (i.e. bassinet, crib) then side sleeping is "it" for her.

- The Rock n' Play: our first night at home with Piper was a long night of only 10-15 minute stretches of sleep in her bassinet. It wasn't until 5:30 a.m. when I remembered that we had the Rock n' Play. Moments after putting her in the Rock n' Play she was fast asleep and gave us a couple hours of rest. Aside from our arms, it is still her favorite place to sleep.

- Car Rides: if the car is moving, this girl is snoozing.

- Tummy Time (the first 5 minutes): particularly this past week, she has had a lot of happy cooing to be said within the first 5 minutes of tummy time. After that, it's some not-so-happy "words".

- Hearing (and watching) mom sing: "You are my Sunshine" and "Part of that World" from The Little Mermaid.

Listening to the sounds of the shower and the blow dryer: during my shower, she lays in her Rock n' Play quietly and alert, and when I use the blow dryer, it puts her to sleep.

- Listening to Music and Dancing in Mom's Arms: mostly to the Dylan Holton Pandora Station.

- Her hands: she likes her hands in, on and around her face and mouth at all times. You may remember seeing this same thing in her 35 week sonogram photo.

Piper dislikes:

- Burping
- Gas of any kind
- Cold wipes
- Sleeping flat on her back
- Tummy time after 5 minutes
- Being put into her car seat while she is awake

Some more pictures from her first month with us:

This little girl is so loved. 
Happy One Month, Piper Grace. 
You have made it the happiest month of our lives!


  1. Happy 1st Month! She is amazing!! Enjoy every moment.....They go by so fast :)

    1. You're so right! I am already getting ready to type up her 2nd month post. How can this be?!