Thursday, March 5, 2015

Eating Healthy on a Budget: Buy Bulk

I can't believe I am going on two months out of work, now. In a way, working as a Paralegal seems like something I did a lifetime ago. 

I decided before I gave birth to Piper that I would be a stay-at-home mom for as long as we could "afford" it. At the time, I wasn't sure when me not going back to work would seem real to me. I can say that I'm pretty much believing that I'm a stay-at-home mom, now (and I really couldn't be happier about it)! You can read more about my last day at work by clicking, here.

Since I am no longer working, I am all about eating healthy on a budget. I wrote a couple posts about this subject in early January. You can read more on that by clicking the links, below.

In keeping with the theme, another way that we eat healthy on a budget is buying in bulk. Specifically, when there's a buy one get one free deal (BOGO), we are on it! 

This past week, our grocery store was running BOGO on pork and chicken.

Just because we are only going to use a small portion of chicken and pork for meals this week, doesn't mean we can't take advantage of these great BOGO deals.

How do we take full advantage of the BOGO? We freeze what we aren't going to use! All you need is a few baggies, a marker and a little time. Oh, and a freezer, of course.

It's important to label your bags of frozen meat since it could take a while to get through it all. I am still using pork and chicken from a BOGO deal I took advantage of in January.

This is just one way we are stretching our dollar while eating healthy at home!

Do you have a tip you use to eat healthy while on a budget? Do you buy in bulk? Sound off, below.

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  1. Hi Kay! I just found your blog through Katie at Runs for Cookies. I have loved reading it so far, and look forward to spending more time here! Congratulations on the birth of your daughter!!