Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Eight Weeks Postpartum

I made it. I'm here. Eight weeks postpartum.

A wave of excitement and nerves just came over me from typing those words. I'm excited because I am able to do pretty much whatever I want, now. No more restrictions. (And if you've been reading my blog for the past two days, you know how much I dislike restrictions.) I'm nervous because this also means that my baby girl is almost 2 months old. Time is going so fast! Where is the pause and replay button?

(just before going to my friend's baby shower this past Saturday)

One thing that I didn't expect to feel was more energy at eight weeks postpartum. However, the more that I think about it, I guess it does make sense. Early on, my body was tired from the lack of sleep you get with a newborn in the house plus the energy it takes to heal. Now that I'm healed, those sleepless nights are so much more manageable.

Also, the sleepless nights aren't nearly as extreme as they once were. A week ago, when Piper turned 7 weeks old, she celebrated by letting us sleep for 7 hours straight! My husband and I woke up confused. I thought he woke up with her, and he thought I woke up with her.

We haven't had another night quite like that since, but she has been giving us anywhere from 3-5 hours between feeds. My husband and I take turns, which also helps. Especially on Mondays and Tuesdays. On those days, Nick works all day, and then goes to night class. He misses Piper and if she is sleeping by the time he gets home, the middle of the night feed is the only time they get to "see" each other. You think he would be too tired to do it, but this guy loves his little girl!

(the two of them yesterday morning)

They say it takes six to eight weeks to recover from a c-section. While I wouldn't say I'm 100% healed yet, I really am so close. I have found that I am just a little timid when using certain stomach muscles.

One of the best things about being "healed" is that I can lift Piper's car seat (with her in it) without my insides hurting, now. This is great because I can flee the coop with her, and just her, any time I want. These past eight weeks, I have had to wait for my husband to get home so he could lift and carry her car seat for me. While I really didn't mind going everywhere with him, it will be much easier to just pick up and go on a whim. Let freedom ring!

Readers, have any of you had a c-section before? How long before you felt 100% healed?

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  1. I've really been enjoying reading your posts about post-baby healing. I'm not pregnant, but we want to have children some day and I've always thought I'd probably get a c-section (for a multitude of reasons). It's been really interesting and encouraging to read your experiences.

  2. I had a c-section and my healing process was actually super easy. I was walking laps around the hallways of the hospital 2 days after she was born, and I think I felt back to normal after about 3 weeks.