Monday, March 23, 2015

Piper Grace: Two Months

My sweet baby girl turned 2 months old this past Saturday. I just can't believe it!

This past month has been great! Her sleeping is improving at night. My husband and I are so happy with the schedule she likes to keep. She sleeps anywhere from 4 - 7 hours at a time each night. Mostly, she sleeps at 4 hour intervals, but we have gotten a 7 hour stretch twice in the past couple weeks! The first time she did a 7 hour stretch, we both woke up confused (then extremely happy). 

Piper laughed for the first time this past month, on February 24th. I laughed right back at her, and then I cried. I cried happy tears because I was so thankful that I could be home with her for that first laugh. 

Since her first laugh, she has done it many more times! What started as an under-the-breath chuckle is becoming a full on laugh, now. She also began to smile in response to what we say, and even just from seeing us approach her. She recognizes faces now, too. 

This past month has been so incredible as far as her development. She has so much head control and is even sitting up while being propped against a chair or couch. It's incredible how much she is growing, already!

Piper likes:

- Bath time: continuing from last month, Piper still loves her bath times and we are so glad! As soon as she hits that warm water, she is a happy girl. Our tubbie has a hammock for her to lay in, and she loves to dangle her little feet in the water. She also enjoys a warm wash cloth on her belly, and doesn't even mind when we wash and rinse her hair!

Car Rides: Piper continues to love her car rides, and she even lets us put her in the car seat while she is awake without fussing! This was a nice improvement from the month before. Car rides most often put her to sleep, but there have been a few times where she has stayed awake for the duration of the car ride. She's always a happy girl when the car is moving!

Uncle Evan: Piper's youngest uncle, Evan, is 5 years old. She absolutely loves him! He loves her, too. He is such a good helper; he loves to hold and feed her. He also loves to give her kisses and share his toys with her. Every time he talks to her, she gives him a big smile and watches his every move.

Sitting Up: She loves to sit up and look around like a big girl. We have been propping her up against the corner of chairs and couches more often, now. She is so strong! We are always right by her when we do this, but she hasn't even needed much support!

Topher: Our dog, Topher, has loved Piper ever since she came home from the hospital. This past month, Piper finally "met" Topher when she actually saw him for the first time. Now, she smiles when he comes near her! She really likes to watch him. He likes to watch her and give her kisses. He will lick her ear, cheek and tries his hardest to give her a kiss on the mouth. She is still trying to get use to his licks/kisses and he is still getting use to her hands moving around a little more than they use to.

Hearing (and watching) mom sing: "You are my Sunshine" and "Part of that World" from The Little Mermaid are still two of her favorites. She starts to smile and "coo" back at me, now.

Doing laps around the kitchen island: Anytime Piper is fighting sleep, my husband can usually get her to go down by doing laps around the kitchen island. She loves to be walked around!

Her hands: she still likes her hands in, on and around her face and mouth at all times. You may remember seeing this same thing in her 35 week sonogram photo.

The Sheep on her Rock n' Play: Piper loves to watch the sheep on her Rock n' Play. She watches them when they rock back and forth, and even when they aren't moving at all. Piper also likes the bumble bees on her bouncer and the pictures above her changing pad. She "coos" at them, all the time!

Piper dislikes:

- Burping
- Gas of any kind
- Cold wipes
- Sleeping flat on her back
- Tummy time, in general now
- Being moved while she is sleeping

Some more pictures from her second month with us:

Piper Grace, you are so loved.
Thank you for the two most amazing months, we could ever ask for.