Friday, March 27, 2015

Staying Under Calories While Being a Stay at Home Mom

My goal for this week has been to stay within my calorie range for at least 5 days. This challenge is a little different for me now that I am a stay at home mom.

Since giving birth to my daughter 9 weeks ago, I have come to find there are definite pros and cons to trying to lose weight while being at stay at home mom (SAHM).

Losing weight while being a stay at home mom can be harder because...

Time: Right now, my daughter is 2 months old and I should know by now that if I want to eat during the day, I need to do it during her naps. Well, sometimes I get a little side tracked during her naps (answering emails, writing blog posts, cleaning the house, etc.) and so I don't eat when I'm initially hungry which then makes me hangry. When I am hangry, I don't make the best decisions (like that one time I ate a sleeve of Oreos while walking around with a sleepy Piper in my arms as she was trying to wake up from her nap).

Home cooking: This kind of ties in with the time aspect. I need the time to do it, otherwise a not-so-healthy box of Mac and Cheese could constitute as "home cooked".

"Unlimited" Resources: I have a fully stocked kitchen, and I could eat as much as I want. Daily self-control is required.

Losing weight while being a stay at home mom can be easier because...

Time: Since Piper takes a couple naps throughout the day, I have plenty of time to make healthy meals that taste great and are very satisfying. Prioritizing my time is key!

Home cooking: Previous to becoming a SAHM, I worked in an office as a Paralegal with a large group of people. There were scheduling lunches, birthday treats, holiday parties, food days, etc. (Not to mention one of my favorite past times of ordering Chinese food with my coworkers on Fridays.) These temptations have been removed now that I cook all of my meals here at home! (I also have found that my leftovers get eaten more often and are not wasted.)

"Unlimited" Resources: I have a fully stocked kitchen with plenty of healthy food choices and different cooking tools to choose from. I could make a smoothie, I could have a salad, I could make a healthy pizza, I could grill a panini; the list goes on and on!

There are many more pros and cons of trying to stay within my calorie range while being a stay at home mom, but I will stop while I am ahead. Those particular pros and cons are the ones that have affected me the most, so far.

Some tips that have helped me stay within my calorie range while at home are below:

1. Keep healthy choices on hand and easily accessible.

2. Have a variety of healthy choices to choose from (so you don't get tired of the same old thing).

3. Keep snack bars (such as Balance Bars) in the pantry for a quick grab or in the diaper bag for on the go!

4. Prep healthy snacks and meals ahead of time and store them in storage containers to keep them from going to waste.

5. Drink water, and a lot of it.

6. Keep a food journal (or use the Sparkpeople phone app to keep track of your calorie intake like I do!)

Readers, do you think you make better food choices at home or away from home?

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