Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Strawberry Milkshakes Fix Everything

My goal for this week is to stay within my calorie range for 5 days. So far, I have stayed within my calorie range for 2 days. Yesterday was not one of those days.

Yesterday afternoon, Piper had a well visit with the pediatrician. She also got her 2 month shots. That was really hard for the both of us. I didn't think that I would cry, but I did. My husband was there with us, to console us both. It was a rough day, but we got through it. Nothing a chicken sandwich and a strawberry milkshake can't fix!

After getting her shots, Piper slept from 7 p.m. until 3:45 a.m. She whimpered all through the night, but never woke until early morning. She was especially sad when she woke up, but she went right back down to sleep after being fed and changed at 4:15 and slept until 8 a.m.

When Piper woke up at 8, she was just as sad, but I managed to get some smiles out of her after she was changed and fed. She spent her late morning nap in my arms. That made us both feel good! I think things will only be looking up from here! She's a tough little cookie and I'm determined to spend my day trying to make her smile.

As far as staying within my calorie range yesterday, thankfully, I know better than to restrict myself to eating within my calorie range for all 7 days of the week. Life happens, and being perfect isn't my goal. My goal is to lose weight while enjoying life.

Readers, what is your favorite kind of milkshake and from where?


  1. Shots are harder on us parents than the babies :) Good job Mom :)

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