Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tip for Tuesday: Baby Steps

Sharing "Tips for Tuesday" is not a new thing for me, but it has been quite a while. To give you a refresher on topics covered in the past, you can use the links below.

Positive Thinking

Keep your goals in mind each day and don't be afraid to change up your plans.

Fight the all or nothing mentality. Compromise, a little. Let go of the guilt and give yourself a break.

As for today's tip, I want to focus on Baby Steps.

Eight weeks ago, I had a c-section that brought my beautiful baby girl into this world (more on that, tomorrow). Now that my incision is healed, I am so ready to start exercising again. I have a goal of exercising for thirty minutes, three times this week. While I would love to jump right back into where I was with my exercise routine pre-pregnancy, I know better than that. I am going to take baby steps.

(enjoying the sun while letting the dogs out yesterday)

Yesterday, the weather was great. It has been so long since I have been able to go for a run outside and I was very tempted to do so while it was warm outside. Just like my baby girl is going to have to learn to crawl before she can walk; I am going to have to start walking again before I run. Reasons? To prevent injury; to save my joints from shock and strain; to save myself from burnout of jumping in too quickly, etc. The list goes on.

(the cute baby girl I keep referring to)

Not only do baby steps come in to play when starting a workout routine, it is also important for your weight-loss goals, as a whole.

When you have a number that you want to begin to work toward on the scale, it can seem daunting. You have this whole number in mind, and you want to lose it all. Once thing I try to remember is that I don't have to lose it all at once. We all have back steps in our weight loss journey, but they won't be big back steps if you were only taking baby steps to begin with. For example, if you lost a lot of weight real quick with some fad diet, you may also gain weight just as quick when you stop following that fad diet. Do any of you have experience with that? I can raise my hand for that one.

Instead of trying to lose weight fast, I am trying to lose weight while living my life just as I want. I'm taking baby steps, here. I am not jumping all in with a crazy workout routine and strict meals. I am taking some time to learn the scales of balance, again. What does that look like for me? Well, if I ate a little too many not-so-great calories yesterday, I am going to try to make sure that my calorie intake for today is much, much better with some healthier choices of food. Also, if I burned a lot of calories in my workout, I'll have the opportunity to treat myself, if I wish. I love balance. I hate diets (and the word hate). You know this from my post from yesterday.

So, while I am anxious to dive all in and lose my weight real quick, I know from past experience that doesn't work for me. I'm just going to change little things at a time, taking my baby steps and walk before I start running again.

Readers, what baby steps are you taking right now? What are your baby steps going to lead into for you?

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