Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Tip for Tuesday: Say Goodbye to the Wagon

When it comes to diet, exercise and weight loss, have you ever heard the term "falling off the wagon"? I have to ask because a few years ago, after "falling off the wagon" yet again, I decided to take a bold move and ditch that wagon for good.

Today's Tip for Tuesday is all about ditching that wagon. My success in weight loss hasn't been from that all or nothing mentality that comes with staying on a wagon; it's been about give and take. You can read more from when I decided to ditch the wagon years ago, below.

"I use to always picture weight loss as an all or nothing kind of journey. After many years, I've realized that we all are going to have days when we have a wedding to go to, an anniversary to celebrate, parties to go to, etc. We can't be "good" 100% of the time. Even if we could be good all the time, this journey would then just be really boring. Not challenging at all. What's the fun in that?

After falling off the wagon last night, I've come to the decision that I'm going to stay where I am and wave goodbye to that "wagon" I've been falling off and jumping back on these past four years. When I use to fall off that old wagon, it could have been days, weeks, sometimes months before I would catch up to it and jump back on. Well, no more of that! I am cutting my ties with that wagon and I am going to walk the rest of this journey. During my walk, I'm sure that I will get distracted here and there; perhaps I may take a short rest on a rock and enjoy a sunset or two. That's a much nicer analogy than compared to falling off of a wagon, and without a wagon to fall off, I have no wagon to jump back on. I will simply stand from my rest and keep on walking. No more time will be wasted, trying to catch up to that pesky wagon. It's all about getting refocused. Refocusing sounds a lot easier than jumping back onto a wagon, now doesn't it?

So for all of my other friends on the wagon, I urge you; JUMP! Jump off of that wagon and join me in walking the rest of our journeys. Because, after all, as Greg Anderson said, we should "focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity, but in doing it."

I'm ready to stand up from my rest on this rock, and continue my walk. That wagon is long gone in the distance now, and I'm feeling better already!"

Readers, are you ready to say goodbye to the wagon?


  1. I really love this post and how well you put it! This journey is much easier with long term, sustainable changes. Not ones that you can't live with forever! Don't look at it as a cheat day/meal, just look at it as living life! I'm gonna share this post with my weight loss support group members :)

    1. Very well put, yourself. We are definitely on the same page with this! Keep up the great work, girl! :)