Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Why Weekly Meal Plans

As part of my March Challenge, I have made it a goal to make weekly meal plans (specifically, for dinner).

How does weekly meal planning help me reach my healthy living and weight loss goals? I've got five big reasons why!

Weekly Meal Planning:

1. Saves money

2. Saves time

3. Helps keep me on track 

4. Makes for less grocery trips

5. Makes for less eating out

In case you missed Sunday's post with my meal plan for the week, here it is:

Dinner Plans: 3/1 - 3/7
(Links to recipes provided below, just click for the recipe you want to see!)

Sunday: Hearty Lasagna
Monday: Shrimp with Stir Fry Vegetables
Tuesday: Chicken Salad
Wednesday: Pork Chops with Potatoes and Veggies
Thursday: Turkey Meatloaf with Potatoes and Veggies
Friday: Homemade Pizza
Saturday: Sausage and Potato Soup with Kale

Mostly, when I make a meal plan, I am planning for the dinners we will eat throughout the week. However, I do have an idea of what we will be eating for breakfast and lunch, as well. I make sure to have a couple different options in the house for those meals.

Breakfast options for this week:

Lunch options for this week:
Tuna Sandwich
Grilled Cheese

Speaking of meals, last night's dinner was super good and good for me, too.

I used a steam fresh bag of Asian vegetables, white rice and some baby shrimp for my stir fry last night. I made a quick sauce with honey, granulated garlic and soy sauce. It turned out great!

And just because it's been a while... here's a picture of my favorite girl in the world.

She turns 6 weeks old tomorrow. How, just how?

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